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Eligibility of Canada eTA for Australian Citizens

  • Australian citizens are eligible to file an application for Canada eTA
  • Australia has been the inception nationality instrumental in the launch and success of Canada Visa Online aka Canada eTA programme
  • Canada eTA ensures that Australian citizens have a hassle free, simple, prompt and expedited entry for short term trips to Canada

Additional eTA of Canada Salient Features

  • Citizens of Australia may choose the convenience of application from their phone, tablet or PC completely online.
  • ETA of Canada will be sent by email to the citizens of Australia
  • ETA of Canada allows entry into the country by Airport. Seaports and Land ports are excluded
  • You can use this Canada eTA for visits that are short term
  • Purpose of the visit can be to transit via Canadian Airport, or it could be sightseeing, or a business meeting or general tourism
  • The age for eligibility is 18 years. If you are below this age then you guardian of parent can apply on your behalf for Canada eTA

Canada eTA for Australian Citizens

Australia is indeed one of the 50 country that have been exempt from regular visa to enter Canada. This implies that Australian citizens do not need a visitor visa to visit Canada. Australian citizens have the privilege of obtaining a Canada eTA which, in simple terms, is an electronic digital travel authority to travel the country. Canadian Government have opened this program called the Canada eTA program in the year 2015 to filter out the travellers for easier access and travel to Canada and decide their eligibility which also included Australian citizens. Australia was a launch member of this eTA program. Now, Australian nationals can visit Canada visa-free using this Canada eTA.

In order to enter Canada, do Australian citizens require an eTA?

Australian citizens are required to apply for a Canadian eTA to access Canada, and conveniently the Canada Online Visa or eTA for Australian citizens is designed in a way that it allows people to enter Canada for-

  • Doctors consultation or a medical visit
  • Tourist purpose
  • Business trips
  • Transiting through the Canadian airport

This eTA applies only to those passengers arriving by air. The Online Visa or eTA is a must have requirement for Australian citizens, even if you are passing through the Airport within Canada. But suppose you want to arrive to Canada by car or ship; an eTA is not required, although you are obligated to produce your travel and identification documents.

Can Australian Citizen Stay Longer than 6 months in Canada?

The eTA allows you to stay for up to 6 consecutive months. But if you wish to stay longer, you must present a relevant Canadian visa instead of the Canadian eTA. You must remember that the process of visa is complex and quite long. Hence, make sure to plan well in advance to avoid any delays.

Canada electronic travel online application or ETA for Australian citizens

In order to apply for Canada eTA, you need to follow this process:

  • Fill out, upload the necessary documents, and submit the online Canada eTA application form
  • Pay the Canada eTA using a debit Visa/Mastercard or Credit Card
  • Get electronic approval of Canada eTA in your registered email address

While applying for the eTA, Australian citizens are usually asked to fill out and submit the following information, which includes their basic personal information, contact details, and their passport details.

  • Name of the applicant as mentioned in their Australian passport
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue and expiry dates
  • Marital status
  • Employment history
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How should I obtain Online Canada Visa or eTA Canada from Australia?

Australian citizens need not visit the embassy. The Canadian eTA is completely an online process and is extremely easy. It will take only few minutes. Ensure that you have a proper internet connection, and you can apply through any of the following:
Mobile/ cellphone

As mentioned above, the authorization can be obtained quickly. It will be sent to the registered email address of the applicant electronically.

When Should Australian Citizens Apply for Canada eTA?

Australian citizens have the obligation to apply for the Canada eTA at least three days before their flight. Remember that you need to give the authorities the basic number of processing days to process the application and issue an eTA.

Also, Australian visitors who have to travel on short notice are provided with the option ‘Urgent guaranteed processing’ while paying the eTA fee. This guarantees that your Canada eTA will be processed as soon as possible on expedited delivery during of submitting your online eTA application. This is considered the best option for those who need to travel to Canada in under 1 day.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Canadian eTA?

Australian citizens usually receive their approved Canadian eTA within 24 hours of submitting the application. The eTA application is normally processed and approved within hours, and the approved eTA is sent to the registered email address of the applicant in the form of a PDF document.

Those travelling to Canada from Australia have the below requirements

There are several prerequisites to meet in order to receive the Canadian eTA. According to the statistics provided by Canada, Australian citizens are one of the most visited visitors in terms of the greatest number of visitors to Canada each year. Hence, it is essential to know what the requirements are for obtaining the Canadian eTA and have a hassle-free trip.

  • A valid Australian passport
  • A credit card of Visa or Mastercard or a Bank debit payment method to pay the Canadian eTA fee
  • A registered email address

The eTA provided by Canada is linked electronically to the traveler’s passport, in this case, the Australian citizen’s passport. Hence, it is important to produce the passport you used to apply for the Canada eTA at every checking point.

Frequently Asked Questions about eTA Canada Visa

What are the benefits of the Canadian eTA for Australian Citizens?

The Canada eTA provides many benefits for Australian Citizens. Some of them are

  • 5 years of validity with multiple visits allowed
  • Stay up to 6 consecutive months per visit
  • Easy and quick online process
  • No requirement to visit the Canadian embassy

Advice for Australian nationals Traveling to Canada with the eTA

  • It is always good to submit your online Canadian eTA application form 72 hours prior to your departure.
  • Once you receive the approval for Canadian eTA, remember that it is electronically connected to your Australian passport. ETA Validity if five years. Since the Canadian eTA is completely electronic, all travelers must possess a biometric that is a passport that can be read by the machine or MRZ passport. Contact the Australia passport office for further information.
  • On being accepted, Australian citizens with Canadian eTA are allowed to access Canada and can stay for a maximum of 180 days for every visit.
  • The Canadian eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada. You need to convince Canada Immigration regarding your eligibility.

FAQs about Canadian eTA for Australian Citizens

  1. What happens if I make a mistake on the eTA form?

    If you make any mistakes in the online Canadian eTA application form, and if the wrong information is submitted, then your eTA will be considered invalid. You have to apply for a new Canadian eTA. You can also not change or update any details once your eTA has been processed or approved.

  2. How many days can the National of Australia stay in Canada with an eTA?

    Australian citizens who have an electronic authorisation or an eTA can reside in Canada continuously for a duration of up to 6 months or 180 days. Australian citizens with valid eTA are allowed to visit Canada multiple times. But suppose you want to reside longer, then you are required to obtain a visa.

  3. What is the age requirement if I need to apply for Online Canada Visa or Canada eTA as Australian citizen?

    While applying for a Canadian eTA, one must be older than 18. If the eTA is for children, a parent or a legal guardian must fill out and submit the forms on behalf of the minors.

  4. Should I print the eTA?

    There is no need to print or produce a hard copy of the approved Canadian eTA or any other travel documents at the airport since the eTA is electronically linked to your Australian passport.

As an Australian national, can I still use my Canada eTA if my passport has expired?

Your eTA will no longer be considered valid if your passport expires or if you change your passport. Once you receive a new passport, you have to apply for a new Canada eTA.

What to do if my eTA application gets rejected as Australian citizen?

The eTA specialists on our website will always make sure that the application is correct before submitting it. Hence, eTA authorization is rarely denied. If your application status changes to denied or not authorized, then the best option is to apply for a visa to Canada through the Canadian embassy or consulate. Check with the visa office regarding further steps.

Do I need an eTA if I am arriving in Canada by land as Australian citizen?

No, the eTA is optional for travelers who enter Canada through the land. Travelers arriving in Canada through the land border with the United States and if they are citizens of one of the 52 visa-exempt nations, then there is no need to apply for an eTA.

Do I need an eTA if I am planning to enter Canada on a private plane as Australian citizen?

Yes. All travelers from visa-exempt countries are obligated to produce the approved eTA if they are entering Canada on a plane. The eTA is mandatory in this case and not an optional one.

Why should I enter my personal details in the eTA as Australian resident?

Entering correct personal details is extremely important as the authorities use these personal details to determine your eligibility criteria to enter and access Canada. Inconsistent information will lead your application to be considered invalid.

Why does the eTA application form ask for my employment information as an Australian national?

Along with your personal information, occupational details are also one of the major factors in determining your admissibility criteria to enter Canada. If you are unemployed, then it is advised to enter the same in the employment section of the application form.

What if I already possess a valid Canadian visa then do I need an eTA?

If you have a valid Canadian visa, then you need not apply for an eTA. The visa allows you to enter and travel to Canada.

Is there any age limit or age exemptions for Canada eTA for Australian citizens?

No. All travelers from visa-exempt countries or eTA-required nations, irrespective of their age, are eligible to apply for the eTA and enter Canada using the eTA.

Can the work permit be considered an eTA for Australian national?

No, a work permit and study permit cannot be considered as eTA. But applicants who are issued an initial study or work permit will also be presented with an eTA along with their permits. But the eTA will not be renewed automatically. If the applicants wish to re-enter Canada, they may have to apply for a new eTA. Always ensure that you travel with a valid eTA.

For how long is my eTA is valid for Australian citizens?

Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of eTA approval or until the associated passport of the applicant expires.

What do I need to apply for Canadian eTA as Australian citizen?

The applicants of Canada eTA must have the following ready in order to apply for Canada eTA –

  • A valid passport
  • An authorized credit or debit card
  • An email address

Do I have to visit the Canadian embassy to apply for an eTA as Australian citizen?

There is no need to visit the Canadian consulate or embassy in-person since the Canadian eTA application form is completely online and extremely easy to complete.

How long will it take to complete the eTA application form as Australian national? It is a simple online process much more convenient to apply from home. It will take only a few minutes to fill out and submit the form.

For Australian citizens, what information should I provide in the Canada eTA application form?

The applicant must provide basic personal information like full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, address, contact information, and passport details, along with other travel document information. The application may also need you to fill out details regarding your health, criminal records, and funds you have to travel to Canada.

How long will it take to receive the authorized eTA for Australian citizens?

Most of the eTA applications are approved and provided with authorized Canadian eTA within minutes of application. But in some rare cases, the authorities may require more time to process the application. Anyways, you will receive an email regarding the steps to be followed.

Can someone else complete the eTA application form on my behalf as Australian national?

Yes, the eTA application can be filled by another person who is a friend or family member and can apply on behalf of the applicant traveling to Canada. The online eTA form provides an option for cases like this.

Applying as Australian citizen, how many times can I visit Canada using the eTA?

The eTA grants you multiple visits for a period of 5 years, and you can stay in the country for up to 6 consecutive months using this authorized eTA.

As Australian national, do I need to apply for Canada eTA if I am transiting through the country?

Even if you are just transiting through the Canadian airport en route to another nearby destination, you are required to apply and produce an approved eTA.

What to do if I have many passports?

You have to apply for the eTA using only one passport. The form requires you to use only those passports of nations that are visa exempt. If you hold citizenship of many countries eligible for an eTA, then you must decide which passport you will be using to travel the country.

For what reasons is eTA granted to travelers from Australia?

The travelers can apply for an eTA for the following purposes –

  • Medical consultation or care
  • Business trips
  • Tourism or vacation
  • Visiting family members
  • Transiting through the country

Should I apply for an eTA for my children as Australian national?

An eTA travel authorization is mandatory even for children belonging to visa-exempt countries. If the children are traveling by means of a plane, you have to produce a valid eTA authorized for your children. Since they are minors, either a parent or a legal guardian can fill out the application on their behalf.

What should I do if I make a mistake on the Canada eTA form?

If you enter incorrect details regarding your personal information or passport details or if you make any mistakes while applying for Canada eTA, then your application will be considered invalid and will be rejected immediately. You have to apply for a new eTA or a visa.

When is Canada eTA not required for Australian citizen?

All the citizens from the visa-exempt nations are obligated to produce a Canada eTA if they are arriving by air. But if the traveler possesses a Canadian visa or Canadian citizenship, or if they are a permanent resident of Canada, they need not apply for an eTA. If the traveler plans to move to Canada and work or study, they too are not required to apply for an eTA.

What is Canada eTA number for Australian residents?

On submitting the online Canada eTA application form, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered email address along with a unique reference number. It is always advised to note down the unique reference number for future use.

How to recover my lost eTA application number as Australian citizen?

If you have lost your confirmation email, which contains your unique reference number along with your travel correspondence, you can always contact us through the contact form.

How to contact you through the website?

If you need any help regarding your eTA application form, details, checking on the status, etc., you can always contact us through the online contact form mentioned on our website. You are required to produce certain information.

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